As a member of the Air Training Corps you will have the opportunity to go shooting using two different rifles described below.

The No. 8 .22 rifle

No 8 .22 rifle

The No. 8 rifle is a bolt-action .22 calibre rifle. The rifle is single shot, meaning it needs to be reloaded after every shot. Typically, the rifle is used on 25 yard ranges, but it can also be used on 100m ranges after adjusting the rear-sight.

The L98-A1 rifle

L98-A1 rifle

This rifle was first introduced back in 1989, and was the replacement for the SA80 rifle. The rifle fires standard 5.56mm NATO cartridges, which are loaded into the weapon using a magazine. The magazine on an L98 can hold up to 30 rounds, meaning cadets can fire numerous times without having to reload. This rifle is still manually cocked (similar to the No 8 .22 rifle), but the larger rounds make this rifle a lot noisier and more lively than the other rifle which the cadets fire.


Whilst being an optional activity, shooting is rewarding and is great for confidence building. Shooting is an activity in which it is easy to improve your skills, and there are plenty of competitions all year round for the cadets to test these skills.

In the air cadets there are plenty of opportunities for learning to fire a weapon safely. We use special weapons designed specifically for the cadets and we take safety and security very seriously because after all these are live rounds your firing with

As an air cadet you can work towards marksmanship badges. Below is a list of the badges with a brief description.